How to Provide Patients With the Right Dose of Medical Cannabis

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April 10, 2017
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How to Provide Patients With the Right Dose of Medical Cannabis

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Despite the misconceptions the society has toward medical marijuana, there are many doctors who believe in its medical value and prescribe it to patients who need it. If you are  a person who wants to build his/her future career in a medical marijuana dispensary, you have opened the right page.  Even if you are already working at a dispensary and have patients used to dealing with medical cannabis, then you are probably well aware of the importance of finding the right dose of medical cannabis to provide them with relief. Too little and they’re left suffering. Too much and you over do it and their tolerance builds in a blink of an eye. However, if you’re new to medicating patients with cannabis, you might be confused. With so many delivery methods and the differences between THC and CBD, it’s natural to want to know how much to provide.

So, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you determine what the right dose for your patients might be. However, it is always best for the patients to see a doctor and speak with him about medical cannabis before treating themselves with it. They should and who can recommend the best method and best dosage for them.

Flower Dosage

When it comes to flower, you need to ask if patient’s therapeutic needs require a strain that is more THC or CBD. Once that decision has been made, then you need to decide on a dose. A ‘dose’ is usually between .25 and 1 gram of either high THC or high CBD flowers. Pre-rolled joints are generally weighed out at 0.5 grams. When patient’s just starting out, recommend half of a standard joint.

You should know that smoking a joint or from a bowl is not the most recommended way to ingest medical cannabis. It can be harsh on the lungs. Studies have shown that vaporization provides the most cannabinoids patients need for their treatment in a less amount of time compared to other methods of intake. It’s recommended patients consider buying a vape mod and investing in a digital scale to measure out the same dose that they would use in a joint.

Medical Cannabis Dosage for Edibles

marijuana edible

First, a warning. Consuming oral cannabis is one of the stronger ways for the herb to be  consumed. So, it can be easy to overdo it with edibles. Most edibles come in doses of 10 mg. Based on what patient’s physician has recommended, patients should begin with the  initial dose. Then wait for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours, preferably two hours. Depending  on their metabolism, it can take that long for edible cannabis to kick in. If after that long  patients still have not obtained relief, they should consume 5 mg at a time until the  symptoms have been relieved. It is also never recommended to take a cannabis edible on  an empty stomach.

Full-Extract Medical CBD Oil

This is one of the more potent forms of medical cannabis available. Doctors prescribe this oil to patients with conditions like cancer, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. It is highly concentrated and considered extremely powerful. Pediatricians prescribe small does to children suffering from epilepsy, autism, and cerebral palsy. The typical dose of this product is the size of a grain of rice. That dose is then repeated three to four times a day. For patients with more advanced medical conditions, up to a gram per day is prescribed, then divided into multiple doses. It is not recommended to self-medicate with this product.

Hemp Based CBD Extracts

If patients are taking CBD oil extracts orally, a standard dose begins at 10 mg. Some patients find relief taking micro doses of 2.5 to 5 mg daily. Some conditions require higher doses. CBD oil products sold in stores and online should have their own dosing guidelines. However, CBD oil products can vary widely across brands and manufacturers, so patients should contact the company they purchased the oil from with any questions.

BHO And Other Extractions

bho extract dosage

Butane Hash Oil, also known as BHO, shatter, wax, and dabs, is an extraction of either THC or CBD from the cannabis plant. It is a concentrated form of the cannabinoid, and therefore stronger than flower buds. Typically sold in 0.5 or 1 gram increments, a typical dose is measured out by size than by weight. A half-gram serving of BHO should provide approximately 20 doses.  If patients are using vapor cartridges, dosages can vary depending on the individual product. Recommend them to try an inhalation or two and wait ten to fifteen minutes and see how they feel.

These are just some guidelines about the different medicinal cannabis products and the way that they can be used in treatment. Dosing is always best left to a physician who is aware that his patients are medicating with cannabis and has the knowledge to prescribe a dose that is good for an individual. Always recommend patients to inform their physician of any medications taken, whether they are prescribed or holistic.  When it comes down to it, patients are always better off starting with the smaller dose and working their way up.

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