Coming Soon an ALL NEW courseware for students certifying in:


Delivery Service

Kitchen Infusion

Lab Extraction

Dispensary Management

Smoke/Vape Shop Owner

Security / Asset Protection

and more… Stay on this dial.

2 responses on "Online Courses Updated for 2019"

  1. Hello,
    I have a few questions regarding the updated online classes for THC College. I began taking these courses during the late Summer of 2018. After attending a cannabis networking event, I had met the rep for THC College, a young man with long hair (I forgot the name) but I spoke with him about my interests and intentions in the MMJ industry. I had been trying for years to get into the industry and he gave me a business card with a code to use to register for the THC College courses for free. I did register and began my courses, however, I took a break after a while. Now I have a position in a MMJ Dispensary in AZ and I have been trying to continue my classes but it would not let me. For a few days the website did not exist, then last week the website kept popping up as a business website selling advertisement. Now, today, I see the website is back up and it is entirely different and new. I tried logging in but it says my login does not exist. I tried to click on the option for “forgot password” but it says I am not registered. I really dont want to lose all of my progress and I do not intend to pay because I didnt have to before with that code that was given to me. Please get back to me with any help you can please, I appreciate it.

    • Hi Rosa,
      Congratulations on your position in the industry! The courses are being revamped with updated content. You will be invited to these classes free as they become available. Thank you for your patience as this process is exciting and we hope you are returning to see what’s next!
      Best Wishes,

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