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To Management, My name is Dwayne Elliott Matt,


There are many reasons why I should be a part of this program, but to keep things brief I will acknowledge only three points. The first, I have a specific aim toward helping people.  Now more than ever medical patients are reaching out for safe alternative medical treatment instead of synthetic drugs. Over the years, terrible side-effects have caused many individuals to suffer with pain and other ailments and abnormalities. Cancer has always been on the rise and I believe some of it is due to the prescribed medications. Cannabis is Medicine, and results have been so promising. It my goal to cultivate an abundance of knowledge and skill in the cannabis industry to be able to help others live better lives.


Secondly, the biological benefits of medical marijuana are currently being studied, analyzed and updated. My personal love for the cannabis plant and all its attributes constantly intrigue my curiosity of how different strains work with our endocannabinoid system. Saiva, Indica and Hybrid strains are all very interesting to me. Technology allows us to have a bit more mastery of our bodies when feeling pain, anxiety, seizures, PTSD etc. There are many ways that Medical marijuana can be taken or introduced into our bodies. Smoking, Vaping, Topical Rubs, Edibles, Sprays, Tinctures, and Patches are different ways of ingestion. Not only is THC and CBD helpful to us, but the marijuana plant itself has 113 cannabinoids. There is a plethora of scientific research and study that has to be done on how these cannabinoids work with our body. We actually know less about the cannabinoids that our own bodies produce than we do about those the marijuana plant produces.


Thirdly, I have a personal vendetta with cancer. I have lost both of my parents and other family members to this horrific disease that destroys body tissue. My career as a funeral director has allowed me to see thousands of death certificates with all sorts of cancer written as the cause of death. My father was prescribed over 15 different medications by three different doctors. The combination of these prescriptions never made my father feel like himself or cured him from his ailments. My father was 6ft 4 and weighed 240 lbs. After being ill for such a long time his body became very weak, tired and frail. I will never forget removing my dad from his bed and finding pills in his pillowcase. The pills were never the answer. “I wish I would have had the opportunity to introduce medical cannabis to my father; he may have still been here today”.


In Conclusion, my passion and pursuit of success in the medical marijuana industry will lead me and others to live a prosperous and thriving healthy lifestyle.


Dwayne Elliott Matt


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