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November 6, 2015
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$4,200.00 Goal

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1 Funders


 $4,200.00   Goal

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Product Description

 The Hemp Cannabis College

At THC College enrolled students can register for instructive classes provided by community professionals and tenured cannabis activists. Once students complete the required courseware they are awarded a certification of completion. Alumni with certification may find more opportunity in the workforce of medical or recreational cannabis and processed hemp.


  • THCC’s strategic relationships with employers and developing businesses will continue to grow as faculty, employees and interns are placed in positions to begin making and keeping these relationships. By launching this funding campaign we hope to attract even more qualified partners to fill jobs with the students with certification from their instructor(s).
  • Contributing to the THCC Fund will allow directors, educators and students the resources to advance in their collective and individual goals. Proceeds from donations will be divided to the follo
  • wing respective departments:
  • Business infrastructure including licensing, permits and property fees.
  • Startup business expenses including technology and marketing materials.
  • Hiring, staffing and recruiting including pay of contributing members.

THCC is dedicated to launching this institution with the concept of a user generated content website

Classes available online will also provide certification for registered students that complete the required courseware. Funds donated to the THCC fund will also help in the maintenance and development of online courses.

Adding educators with advanced knowledge that are prepared with the resources necessary to develop the minds and skills of our students will bring THCC’s quality of instruction to the pinnacle of cannabis academics. Funds raised will help employ educators and equip them with the tools of instruction they need for a specific trade or skill.

As donations are received THCC Fund will add levels of donation to allow specific departmental allotment of funds. When level is selected it will also be including a thank you gift from THC College to be sent to contributor or selected recipient. Examples of gifts include:

  • Branded apparel and “SWAG”
  • Tuition and or Scholarship for courses
  • Inclusion in THCC network events and promotions