The Patient Consultant at the point of sale often called “Budtenders”.

Recreational or Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries employ knowledgeable staff to recommend products for patients and purchasing members. Successfull transactions compliant with State laws will ensure a quality experience.

Learn proper methods of compliant Cannabis Sales

Discover the suggested methhods of Patient Cannabis Consulting at State licensed dispensaries and recreational marijuana operations.

Budtending is the common term for the individual responsible for recommending and completing requests at the point of sale with visiting patients or recreational marijuana users.

Course Curriculum

Common Language
Common Languge 00:00:00
To Do
Do and Do Not 00:00:00
Point of Sale Setup
POS Awareness 00:00:00
Greeting Patients
Greeting Patients 00:00:00
First Time Patient
First Time Patient Protocol 00:00:00
Find Out
Find Out 00:00:00
Terpene and Cannabinoid Suggestion 00:00:00
Deli Style
Deli Style Budtending 00:00:00
Measures 00:00:00
Arizona Compliance
AZ Compliance 00:00:00
Budtender Quiz
Budtender Unlimited

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  1. Improve Cannabis Resume


    THC College Budtender Certificate is downloadable and available to print from a home or office printer. Add your certification to your resume and stand out from other applicants. Members that complete the course and pass the Patient Consultant exam are awarded a badge on their profile to be seen by employers and others members wish to show your achievements.

  2. Useful and encouraging to any new budtenders or anyone looking to further their knowlege


    Whether just getting into the industry through a dispensary position, a long-time agent looking to refine their knowledge and customer service skills, or patients looking for a thorough understanding of the medicine they are consuming; this course is the way to do it! With easily accessible information followed by an in-depth quiz, there is no way to go through this class and not learn something new every time. Totally worth it! I am so much more comfortable with customer interactions because of the reinforced knowledge and understanding of cannabis that will lead to better patient experiences!

    • Congratulations on completing the course for Patient Consulting! Surely there will be many that benefit from your knowledge of the healing properties of this plant. May your knowledge be equal to your responsibility.


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